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Ashford Hometime

Ashford Hometime

Whats on the show

Ashford Hometime 3pm to 7pm Monday to Friday

A fun packed afternoon show featuring games and teasers and occasional interviews.

On Monday, Steve starts the week with Radio I-Spy, Tuesday he plays "The Answer Is, Now Whats The Question". Wednesday sees another game of Radio I-Spy, Thursday is the Ashford Anagram and Friday is the day for the "Famous Catchphrase" game

The second half of the show is themed around something and listeners are invited to work in a song around that theme.

Musically you can hear that which is familiar and be introduced to something you may not have heard before. Local artists are also catered for in the local artist spot, every day at 4pm

Plus regular local traffic & travel updates to help get you home.

About Steve

Ever since Steve was a young lad back in the 1960’s he had a keen interest in music. His musical memories include watching the Beatles, Dave Clark Five and many other 60’s artists and groups on the black and white television sitting in the corner of the room. Programmes included Ready Steady Go!

Find out all about Steve on his personal is a fascinating read and there are some great pictures!

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