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Ashford Hometime

Ashford Hometime

Whats on the show

Redders is with you for Ashford Hometime 3pm to 7pm Monday to Friday.

A fun packed afternoon show with news, weather, travel and featuring games and teasers and occasional interviews.

"WHERE AM I?" - Just after 3pm I'm "virtually" at a place in or around Ashford, I give 3 clues as to where I am and you can have a guess at where I am.  

"4 O'CLOCK ROCK" - Just after the 4pm news we play 2 songs from the Rock 'n' Roll era that defined the popular music we know and love today.

"THE DAILY THEME" - Following "4 O'Clock Rock" I pick a theme and you can suggest an artist or song relating to that theme.

"Knock 3 times" - Just after 5pm Vote for the favourite song you'd like to hear from our daily featured artist.  If you and at least two of your fellow listeners "KNOCK THREE TIMES" and vote for the same song with it ending up being most voted, it will be played out on the show at around 5:55pm

"THE WIND DOWN" (Monday - Thursday) - An hour when you can request the songs you fancy relaxing to after a hard day of doing whatever you've been getting up to.

"THE WEEKEND WIND UP" (Friday's) - An hour when you can request the songs you'd like to hear to start your weekend in the best way.   


Plus regular local traffic & travel updates to help get you home.


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What's happening in Ashford

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