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Country Rockin

Country Rockin

Hi I’m Jay Griffin, and I am the creator, presenter and producer of ‘Country Rockin’ a weekly 2 hour radio show, dedicated to all things Country/Country Rock and Southern rock.

After many years surrounded by Country music, it has deep rooted itself in my musical being. Following my Uncle around with his Country inspired band, my parents blasting out the great old time hits while at home, Country really has stolen my musical heart. In the mid to late 90’s CMT (Country Music Television) was available here in the UK via Sky (sadly no longer) I noticed a huge shift in its style and how it was presented to its target audience, and for me it really flicked a switch and I found myself having a regenerated interest in the genre, it had a more rockier feel and vibe to it, which I personally found exciting. People often ask “Is there a country scene in the UK?” my reply is always the same “There most certainly is!”, the UK Country scene has exploded in the last 10-15 years. Its major shift came from the emergence of C2C taking the place of the big yearly Wembley Country show that used to take place, C2C took it to a complete new level which has captured the imagination and interest of Country Fans in the UK and the globe. My knowledge, experience within the music industry, playing in bands as a Drummer and love for the genre enticed me into recording my own show. My wife is a Radio Presenter and encouraged me to put all of the aforementioned together and ‘Country Rockin’ was born!

So far on the show I have interviewed,from Nashville, former frontman of The Morrison Brothers Band Willie Morrison, UK duo Raintown, From Michigan Gunnar from Gunnar and the Grizzlies, From Orange County California Robert Jon of Robert Jon and The Wreck, UK Country Rockers Backwoods Creek, UK Solo artists Bob Fitzgerald, Soap Star to Country artist Twinnie, Emilia Quinn and the delightful Bailey Tomlinson and More recently with Former frontman of the Kentucky Headhunters and one half of Brother Phelps Mr Ricky Lee Phelps. With US Country artist Deborah Allen, and many others waiting in the wings 2021 looks like a busy time for Country Rockin! Being able to chat about the genre, its history and the future with all these great artists is a great way of spreading the word in the current musical climate. With Country and Southern Rock becoming more prominent here in the UK, I feel it is my duty to share the amazing genre with my listeners

Song submissions/interview email: country1rockin@gmail.com

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